The WebAssembly Course

We have been very excited about the way WebAssembly (Wasm) has been progressing and especially interested in being able to unlock capabilties running Wasm outside the browser.

We, having worked quite a bit with with Wasm and Wasm in the cloud-native ecosystem, we thought it would be interesting to work on a “fundamentals” video that talk about how one could start using Wasm. We try to keep the videos pretty easy to understand even if one does not know too much about software systems. We try to keep the scope of the video such that it equips one with an understanding of how Wasm works under the hood, why do we need it, what kinds of systems should you use Wasm with, and most importantly build up a good understanding Wasm to explore more yourself and build with Wasm.

The videos are put together by:

Thanks to Kunal Verma and Saloni Narang for (Rishit: crazy cool level of) editing the videos.


The video can be found at:

We have most of the code resources on the GitHub repository:

Here, we list text resources we use.

Video Section Resources GitHub
What is this video about? - -
Introduction to Wasm Slides -
CNCF Wasm Landscape and Bytecode Alliance Slides -
Memory Management and Sandboxing Slides -
But what is a Wasm Module? Slides -
Networking Capabilities in Wasm Slides Code
Tooling around Wasm and Runtimes Slides Code
Run Wasm everywhere, enter WASI Slides -
How to use WASI? - Code
WASIX and WASI Preview 2 Slides Code
Wasm in the Cloud Native Landscape Slides Code
Wasm Component Model Slides Code
KV Store in Wasm - Code
Running ML Models in Wasm Slides Code
Observability and Debugging for Wasm Modules Slides Code
Final thoughts about Wasm - -